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Areas of Practice

Auto Accident

An auto accident can instantly change your life. You need to be reimbursed; compensated for your untimely losses. You have rights. And that’s why you need to call Houston attorney Cyril Westcott.

Personal Injury

Undoubtedly, a serious accident can change your life; and when you have to provide for your family, the results can be catastrophic. In this situation, you need an experienced, effective Houston personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Immigration Law

Unfortunately, the immigration system is complex, challenging, and according to some—broken. That’s why you need an experienced immigration lawyer who can address your concerns.

Family Law

If you find yourself in a situation involving child custody, support and other family disputes, you need the assistance of an experienced Houston family law attorney

Contract Law & Commercial Litigation

Victim of a contract breach, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, deception, or shady business practices? You need to contact an Houston attorney with experience in contract law and litigation.

Criminal Defense

You have the right to competent criminal defense. Turn to the Westcott Law Group, led by an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney, to fight for your rights.


Divorces are difficult to begin with. It is a taxing legal process. It’s critical that you have a legal professional that will handle your situation with the care and attention it deserves.

Federal Crimes

Because the rules are, at times, substantially different than state rules, being charged with a federal crime creates a unique situation. As a result, the process for federal crimes defense is significantly different.

Professional Associations

Cyril Westcott-Omwirhiren is a Houston attorney specializing in personal injury, family law, immigration, and criminal defense

The Westcott Law Group is a full-service law firm led by Houston attorney Cyril Westcott-Omwirhiren. The firm serves Harris County, TX and the Greater Houston area. Above all, we dedicates ourselves to providing honest, affordable, and effective legal representation to our clients. The Westcott Law Group focuses especially on building a strong, positive client-attorney relationship that gets results.

Using our knowledge of the law, we want to help you fight any and every case possible. We have a passion for helping others, and especially those with legal issues or concerns. As your law firm of record, we promise you’ll always get our 100% commitment to do whatever is necessary within the law to protect your rights. Most important, we handle your case with professionalism and urgency and take a strong stand on what we believe is just and true. As our client, you’re guaranteed access to the best advice, guidance and recommendations the law provides. Don’t let other law firms high cost keep you from having justice for your legal issues. In many cases we have settle for our clients great outcome at a very fair cost.

We are proud to represent you and fight for you. In fact, we offer full legal services, including Personal Injury, Immigration Law, Criminal Defense, and Family Law. Moreover, we encourage you to explore our site for specific information on the area of concentration you’re most interested in discussing. In addition, you can also visit us at our office at Bissonnet Street at the Southwest Freeway in Houston. Or, just contact us at 832-831-1412 We can set up a free initial consultation by phone and discuss your concerns right away.