houston family law attorneyYour family is the most important part of your life. However, in the event of a divorce, preserving family ties—amicably—can prove to be difficult. There are numerous factors in play, such as conservatorship of a child, visitation rights, child support, and name changes. Altogether, this can create a contentious web of legal issues.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need the assistance of an experienced Houston family law attorney. Cyril Westcott and the legal professionals at Westcott Law Group can provide necessary legal assistance in regards to family law.

Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

Family law is a wide-ranging area of practice. Because of its depth, this area of law requires substantial knowledge on the part of family law attorneys to make sure the client receives the best possible outcome. The Westcott Law Group has represented various individuals and families in family law cases in regards to:


Divorce is an extremely difficult process. It is not easy to see a relationship come to an end. However, with divorce comes numerous legal questions and concerns that you will have to address. That’s why it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Houston divorce lawyer.


While it is true that adoption is complex, the wonderful experience of giving a child a better life in your home makes it all worthwhile. Our legal team can assist with closed adoptions, infant adoptions, international adoptions, open adoptions, step-children, and adult adoptions.

Restraining orders

Undoubtedly, you need to protect you and your loved ones at all costs. If you feel that you are under threat from another family member, the Westcott Law Group can help you secure a restraining order quickly.

Assets and property

Dividing property, especially after a divorce, can be a complex, taxing process. That’s why we aim to make this process smooth and easy. This includes working on characterizing assets, valuing business assets, valuing property, and helping you secure the best possible outcome. Most important, we will work to protect your assets and property that you have worked hard to maintain.

Paternity & Parental Rights

Determining paternity might be one of the most painful experiences imaginable. However, this process is necessary to protect your rights. Mr. Westcott, an experienced Houston family law attorney, will diligently defend your parental rights.

Child support

We tailor our child support strategy based upon the needs of each parent and child. As such, we want to make sure that child support issues reach a quick and fair resolution.

Child custody

We know how important your child’s best interests are. Therefore, we work to help you navigate all available legal options so that everyone benefits. Let us help you gain, re-gain, share, or retain custody of your child. In addition, we also assist with child custody modifications, such as visitation and child support. Even though these laws are complex, we will work to help you understand these laws and your options.

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