May 14, 2018

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Deportation of immigrants from the United States

Deportation is the act of removing an alien or foreign national from the United State for violation of a number of criminal or immigration law. Deportation is a legal proceedings, and the alien or foreign national who is facing deportation has rights prior to being deported from the country. Aliens undergoing deportation proceedings are usually defended by deportation lawyers. Deportation lawyers usually advise their clients on all the possible methods to legally avoid deportation. They help their clients with all the details of the procedure of the deportation hearing.


  • FAILURE TO OBEY THE TERMS OF THE VISA: As a non immigrant with a visa, different conditions apply to your stay. A violation of any of the condition makes you deportable. A very common mistake made by visitor visa holders is overstaying their allotted period of stay in the U.S. 6 months maximum stay at any one time in the US. If you are visiting your friends or family in the united stated on a visitor visa you must depart prior to the date specified by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer upon your arrival in to the United States at the Airport or the 6 months standard stay on most visitor visas.
  • COMMISSION OF CRIME: Certain crimes may make an immigrant become deportable from the US. Example of such crimes are; domestic violent, document fraud, smuggling of aliens, drugs, trafficking of firearms, terrorism, espionage, money laundering, fraud, terrorism, sabotage, classic serious crimes like rape, murder and any other aggravated crime. If you have been charged and found guilty of a crime relating to marijuana or other drugs by any US Court you may be deportable by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Department of Homeland Security.
  • VIOLATION OF IMMIGRATION LAW: Any immigrant that violates the US immigration law becomes deportable from the US. Such violation may include; Help in smuggling an alien into the US and participation in fraudulent marriages.
  • RECEIVING PUBLIC ASSISTANCE: An immigrant or green card holder can become deportable if he demands for public assistance. It is a violation of the immigration law for an immigrant or green card holder to become a public charge. That is rely on need based government assistance.
  • FAILURE TO ADVISE THE USCIS OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS: It is a crime for US immigrants if they fail to notify the United State Custom and Immigration Services of change of address within ten days of changing address. Contact your local deportation lawyer at Westcott Law Group  to represent you in your deportation proceedings at Houston Immigration Court.