houston federal crimes defense attorneyAre you in need of federal crimes defense?

Generally, the Westcott Law Group handles cases that fall under state laws. However, the United States government has its own criminal code. This code defines the crimes that are handled at the federal level—prosecuted by U.S. attorneys, heard by federal judges, and tried in federal courts. Because the rules are, at times, substantially different than state rules, being charged with a federal crime creates a unique situation. The process for federal crimes defense is different.

You need specialized federal crimes defense

Federal criminal law usually involves interstate crimes, crimes related to the national interest, crimes that affect national security, or other crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. There are specific categories of crimes, such as financially-driven, non-violent crimes called white-collar crimes. Other crimes subject to federal jurisdiction involve violence, property damage, exploitation, and illegal commerce.

Federal agencies investigate federal crimes. For example, these agencies are the FBI, DEA, ATF, or NSA, just to name a few. These agencies present their case to a U.S attorney under the authority of the Attorney General. If the case goes to trial, a District Court will hear the case with a District Judge presiding.

When you’re facing federal charges, you need an experienced federal crimes defense attorney. The Westcott Law Group, led by attorney Cyril Westcott, defend various types of federal allegations, including:

  • Tax fraud (white collar crime)
  • Mail fraud (white collar crime)
  • Wire fraud (white collar crime)
  • Crimes that occur on federal property
  • Organized crime charges
  • Child pornography charges
  • National security
  • Interstate criminal conduct and criminal activity

Moreover, Cyril Westcott is authorized to argue cases in the Federal Southern District and Federal Western District courts.

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If you are facing federal charges, then you need an experienced federal crimes defense attorney representing you. Even if you are up against the United States government, you do have rights. And most important, Mr. Westcott will fight for your rights.

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